The Farm

We run a suckler herd of around 40 Sussex cows with their calves and older stock.  Together with a flock of 150 Romney ewes we produce and supply Park Farm Butchers with free range, predominantly grass fed beef and lamb.

Our animals are grazed on grass pastures during the summer months and we make hay, haylage and grass silage to provide the mainstay of their winter feed regime.  A careful programme of fertilizing, using mostly livestock manure, ensures a supply of quality grass for much of the year.

Most of our livestock are born and reared on the farm which qualifies for Farm Assurance under the “Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb Scheme“.  All livestock are then transported for slaughter to Tottingworth Farm at Heathfield, a 25 minute drive away, ensuring the animals have the best welfare.

As participants of the Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) Scheme, we leave wide unploughed margins around arable fields, manage areas of grassland to produce spectacular wild flower meadows and have hedgerows and pockets of woodland all managed to encourage and support wild flora and fauna.

Our shop in Hawkhurst showcases the end result of all our hard work.  Our beef, lamb and pork has full traceability, the same as everything else we sell, and benefits from the best possible standards of animal husbandry.